3 thoughts on “Is your WordPress based site ready for a brute force attack?

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  2. Hey,

    Just a quick heads up on this…

    Based on the CloudFlare article, I went ahead and installed the Better WP Security plugin for one of my sites. Everything seemed to be working perfectly until I enabled the “File Change Detection” portion of the plugin. After I did this, I couldn’t get access to my site, either from the front end, or from the Admin backend. I eventually had to manually remove the plugin, and manually delete some database entries. Information on what I did can be found here:


    Looks like this particular portion of the plugin demands a lot of system resources, which currently I don’t have. However, you don’t really get any warning about this, until it is too late. Hopefully this information will help anyone who ends up in the same situation as I was in.


    • Great heads up on your experience Gary. I did install the Limited Login Attempts plugin and already have logged 35 attempts being locked out. Very eye opening when you start to watch those kind of things.