Welcome to Episode 86.

Thanks for all the feedback on our tweaked format that we tried out last week. Every piece of it was positive for the less rapid fire pace of the show so we will stick with that new format.

In today’s show we discuss XP’s final year of official support and what that means along with firmware updates for Surface, Microsoft Accounts getting two-factor authentication, Windows Store stats on the App Annie Blog, what Microsoft Blue really is about, Microsoft sells off their IPTV Mediaroom and Roku selling over 5 million devices.

We will jump into some social media items including how your past and present can come back to get you and the belief that social media makes over 80% of us less polite.  We then point you towards the new Channel 9 Windows Store App, some extensive free resources for Windows Phone developers and a great article about the Touch Hate that is out there in the computing world.

Of course, we have to discuss the craziness around the latest PC sales numbers and all that entails including what a PC is defined as, the impact on stocks and since Windows 8 is being blamed for all of it we talk about the great debate at ZD Net between Ed Bott and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols on whether Windows 8 can be saved.

Finally we will run through what we have been talking about at WindowsObserver.com since the last show including the insatiable appetite Windows Phone users have for anything Instagram and their willingness to take risks to have it.

Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening!

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