Maybe this little tidbit got lost in the roar of everyone upset that their brand new Windows Phone devices, i.e. the Nokia Lumia 900, would not be able to get the Windows Phone 8 update but Microsoft has already told everyone that 18 months was how long Windows Phone 8 would be supported.

Here are several references to that fact from some of the live blogs that were posted during the June Windows Phone Summit in 2012 which was held in San Francisco last year.

WPCentral at the Windows Phone Summit – Live Blog

10:55 Rafael Rivera: And guess what folks: Microsoft direct updates for at least 18 months of device.

ITProPortal Windows Phone Summit 2012 – live blog

18:57 – 20 June

18:57 Windows Phone 8 will be updated over the the air, not from Zune anymore and with 18 months support

PCWorld Live Blog: Windows Phone 8 Details

10:56 Melissa Perenson: devices will be supported with updates for at least 18 mos

Lazy Tech Guys Windows Phone Summit Live Blog


cNet Microsoft’s Windows Phone Developer Summit

June 20, 2012 at 1:55 PM | by Jessica DolcourtMicrosoft is going to support updates for up to 18 months.

Even The Verge, who posted this new tidbit this morning because it showed up in a Microsoft Support page, reported last June that Microsoft was only going to support Windows Phone 8 for 18 months.

The Verge Windows Phone Summit Live Blog

10:55:27 AM PDT Every WP8 will get at least 18 months of software support after launch.

Just in case you want to hear this from the proverbial horses mouth here is the recording of the 2012 Windows Phone Summit where this same info was stated:

So why do you think this is causing an uprising 9 months later?

Thanks to @NairobiWP for the research idea via Twitter on this story.