Good Monday to you all around the world. Well we seemed to have survived our first weekend knowing the demise of Google Reader is coming in July but that does not mean that a couple of the popular alternatives had huge spikes as a result of that announcement.

Feedly picks up over 500,000 Google Reader defectors (Engadget) – Think RSS is dead and on its final legs and that is why Google decided to kill off Google Reader? As the half a million people who have signed up for Feedly since the news broke.

Three Months to Scale NewsBlur (NewsBlur Blog) – Another of the alternatives that has been talked about a lot since the Google Reader news broke is NewsBlur.  According to the developer, the system he had in place easily handled the 1500 users it saw daily but was crushed when 50K tried to get on the system.  Read here how he handled all the things that happened so that he could keep the service afloat and scale it for future growth.

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Is Said to Fall Short of Predictions (Bloomberg) – One piece of info that has not been made public officially from Redmond is the number of Surface devices, both RT and Pro, that have been sold since the devices hit the market beginning last October (RT) and this past February (Pro).  A team of reporters at Bloomberg, Dina Bass and Ian King, authored a story on Friday that revealed just over 1.4 million devices (1 million RT’s and 400K Pro’s) have been sold according to three different anonymous sources.  Although some decent money apparently based on the cost structure of the machines it is disappointing overall for many Microsoft watchers.

So what piqued your curiosity this past weekend?