Since we first released an app for Windows Phone to go alongside the website it has been downloaded over 5,200 times which we appreciate a lot.

It has been a while since that app has been updated but that has changed with the release of version 3.0 of the WindowsObserver App which you can find in the Windows Phone Store as of today.

The app is a straight forward one with the simple goal of keeping you connected to the stuff we post here at the site when you are mobile.

The new version of the app breaks down into three main areas:

Here are screenshots of the interface for each of those areas:

WindowsObserver Screenshot 3_2_2013 12_18_55 PM_jpgWindowsObserver Screenshot 3_2_2013 12_19_02 PM_jpg
WindowsObserver Screenshot 3_2_2013 12_19_06 PM_jpg

This version of the app should work with all iterations of the Windows Phone OS that are out there in the wild.  Thanks for downloading it and using it to stay up to date with

Download WindowsObserver App from Windows Phone Store.