In the last 24 hours the news has broken across several tech blogs that the final retirement date for Messenger will be 15 March 2013.

That means just

  • 66 days
  • 2 months and 7 days
  • 5,702,400 seconds
  • 95,040 minutes
  • 1,584 hours
  • 9 weeks

until we bid the service a permanent farewell.

Windows Live Messenger came onto the scene just

  • 4,921 days
  • 13 years, 5 months and 19 days
  • 425,174,400 seconds
  • 7,086,240 minutes
  • 118,104 hours
  • 703 weeks

ago and was known as MSN Messenger in those days.

Those were the heady days of the Windows Live Butterflies as well, a group of enthusiasts, who would test out new versions of Messenger and other Live programs to put them through their paces.

I sometimes miss those days and will surely miss the familiar interface of Windows Live Messenger as well as we move forward.

However, if there is any constant in the universe it is that things change and so it is time to move on and integrate Skype into our daily existence for messaging as well as video and audio calls.

Skype will need some tweaks to fill the shoes of Windows Live Messenger but I think it will be up to the task.

What do you think?