I have had the opportunity over the last several weeks to put a Wedge Touch Mouse and a Wedge Mobile Keyboard from Microsoft Hardware through their paces courtesy of Microsoft Hardware.


I primarily used these with my Acer Iconia Tab W500 and in November I was able to use the with a brand new Microsoft Surface RT for a couple of weeks.  The usage experience was the same on both devices as they easily paired with each one via Bluetooth.

My review here is not about specs but about functionality and portability because these devices are really targeted towards usage with tablets although nothing says they can not be paired with a full size desktop system either.

The devices have a great look and are obviously built with similar materials to match together as a set.  Of course the common Wedge name helps with that assumption as well. They are quite compact compared to other mice and mobile keyboards I have used with my tablets.


The keyboard comes with a very unique cover that shuts off the keyboard when the cover is snapped over it.  The keyboard cover itself is made of a firm material which is made in such a way that allows the cover to be folded in the middle and turned into a tablet stand.  So not only does the cover do its job to protect the keyboard but it doubles as a stand to hold your tablet. As they say Two Birds with One Stone. Prior to testing the Wedge Mobile Keyboard I used a copy holder as a makeshift stand to hold my tablet. With the cover in place on the keyboard I had no heartburn tossing this into my backpack or computer bag for travelling.

It is a standard keyboard layout with chicklet style keys that are spaced very closely to each other as you can see. It does take a little time to get used to the layout and the vicinity of the keys but you will adapt pretty quickly.


The Wedge Touch Mouse is smaller than you think it is as the pictures really do not do it justice in showing the small size. It is very functional and has some gesture support for scrolling side to side in Windows 8 however, you can not swipe in from the various edges to get the Charms and Apps Bar in Windows 8.

I have larger than normal hands and I found the Wedge Touch Mouse to be too small at times for prolonged use as it caused my fingers and hand to cramp up. I also would find myself mis-clicking for a Context Menu right click because my finger was not far enough over to the right of the mouse surface.  However, both of these things, although inconvenient, did not make use of the mouse impossible.

The mouse also lacks any type of small carry bag as well which I think would have been very useful to protect the device when it gets tossed in a bag for travel.  I used a small drawstring cloth bag I had at the house to protect it from scratches when I was on the move.

This combo makes a great enhancement to any Bluetooth compatible tablet when you need more than just the onscreen keyboard and navigation at your disposal. These devices are also cross platform compatible and can be used not only on Windows machines but also on Android and Mac devices.

If you are interested in reading more on the specs follow these download links:

Now to the giveaway portion of this review.

Microsoft has graciously granted me permission to give these away to a lucky reader of WindowsObserver.com and since they make a great combo we will be giving them away as a set instead of individually.

So how does the contest work.  Just leave a comment on this post and share how you will put these to use on your own computer/tablet and why you should receive them.

We will select the best entry and announce the winner of the Wedge Combo on one of the January 2013 episodes of the Observed Tech PODCAST.

The small print on this is that I can only ship these to an address in the United States and one that can receive a verified delivery.  Please do not place your address in your contest entry because I want to make sure your privacy is protected and I will contact the winner when the time comes to get all the details I need anyway.

Please share this with your friends on social media and if you tweet about it please include @WinObs in the tweet if possible.

I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say for your entries.

Good luck.