Well I hope everyone got just what they wanted today in their gift pile.

It is very likely that in most households at least one, if not many, tech gifts were unwrapped.

From smart-phones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, GPS devices etc. etc. etc. our world and gift giving has evolved into a very tech connected process.

We would love to hear what you received today and what your experience has been so far in set-up and using the new devices. If you are running into any issues give us a shout as well in the comments so we can lend a hand.

Twitter is also a great resource for help. You can tweet us at @WinObs or just ask your question to Twitter in general. I am pretty sure that someone is online who can help you out.

Later this week will host a Google+ Hangout to answer all your Christmas Tech Questions so stay tuned for those details in a future post.