It happens at this time of the year. You get real busy, try to get all of your shopping done, but inevitably you find yourself on Christmas Eve short a gift or two.

Well thank goodness for a couple of electronically delivered options for those last minute gifts.

Gift Cards – although they can be purchased online from most stores these days and physically delivered to an address many companies offer an electronic delivery option, usually via email, to get them. Don’t forget about online stores as well as the brick and mortar stores as an option for a gift certificate/card.  Another area under this category is credit for someone’s e-reader so they can purchase additional books, magazines, etc.

Gaming Console Subscription/Point Cards – The two major platforms, Xbox 360 and PlayStation have options to purchase either points or subscriptions for their services online for electronic delivery.  Points on these systems are used to purchase games, game add-ons and other items.  The subscription cards can be used to extend or establish a membership for the consoles online connectivity features.

Movie Theater Tickets/Gift Cards – another great option and some chains will also allow you to purchase concessions stand credit to cover the snacks.

Video MembershipsYou can gift a streaming video membership to several of the popular services available including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Blockbuster.

Massage Therapy – yes there is at least one national chain, Massage Envy, that allows you to purchase a gift card online and have it electronically delivered.

Hotel Stay Gift Cards – here is another one that is not thought of much but several hotel chains allow you to purchase a card that can go towards a stay at one of their locations.

Do you have any particular favorites that you have used in the past? Please share them in the comments below.