The rumors have already been floating around the Internet about Nokia’s early plan to develop a Windows RT tablet and then backing off of those plans when Microsoft, their major partner in the Windows Phone arena, announced their Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets to the world in June of this year.

Well it sounds like Nokia is ready to move forward with their tablet plans and The Verge has broken a story today that has some more details.

Some of the elements of this Nokia Windows RT tablet sound a lot like the Surface RT:

  • HDMI
  • USB
  • 10.1 inch display
  • Wi-Fi

The differentiating factors according to The Verge are:

  • Cellular Connectivity (likely with AT&T)
  • Battery equipped cover that will allow the tablet to get power when its own battery is low. Cover would also be a cover and provide a kickstand. The cover/dock would also have additional USB ports on it.

The idea of a cover with a battery is not new as there are a couple of models out there with that functionality however, adding cellular connectivity to the table will definitely help set it apart from other Windows RT tablets out there including the Surface RT.

One of the very loud complaints about Surface RT when it was announced was the fact that it would only be offered in models that had Wi-Fi connectivity.  It seemed as if many would like the option to use it with their mobile carrier and so this option could prove to be very enticing to some.

I imagine AT&T would likely offer 2 year contracts for purchase or it might be able to be added to a current plan under their shared data options they currently have for all devices in a home. Also leaves a question of whether the tablet would be subsidized if purchased with a 2 year contract like phones are.  My guess would be yes.

This will be interesting to watch over the next couple of months. In my opinion having choices in things like tablets is a good thing for all of us consumers.

Source: The Verge – Nokia’s Windows tablet to take on Surface with battery-equipped keyboard cover