It looks like Nokia is listening to its users and making improvements on their beta version of Nokia Drive+ to address those issues.

The biggest one from the last update of Nokia Drive+, which is the exclusive navigation app for the Lumia line of Windows Phones, was how quickly it would drain the phones battery while in use.


In this update they have made the following enhancements and improvements:

  • Battery Saver mode: Turns off GPS after the app is sent to background (except when in guidance mode)
  • Back to my position and distance measurement: Get one-tap access to your current position while exploring/panning the map; also see the distance from your current position
  • UI improvements
  • bug fixes

I can not say I am a fan of the generic description for some of the updates but it is good to see the battery usage fix. I read of one individual who saw nearly half of their battery life consumed when using the Nokia Drive+ app for less than an hour so hopefully they and others will see some good battery life now while using the navigation app.