It is about to get real in the Windows Phone 8 world.

For everyone who has an earlier Windows Phone 7.X device you know that every time an OS or firmware update was required we had to plug our phones into our PC’s and use the Zune software to download and install those updates.

One of the big points about Windows Phone 8 is those updates will be delivered in a manner called OTA or Over The Air instead of by connecting to our PC’s.

The folks over at WP Central have all the details about the update process and what can be expected when the notice hits your handset.  It must be downloaded using a Wi-Fi connection.

I want to point out one element of the info over at WP Central that I really like reading about this update because I think it may be an indicator of who is pushing/managing the updates.

In a snippet of information from AT&T to employees telling them about this update and what to expect if customers have questions there is this line:

Effective December 19, 2012, Microsoft will begin pushing a new software update…

Emphasis is all mine.  I may be reading too much into this but it looks like Microsoft is coordinating and pushing the update as opposed to past updates with Windows Phone 7.X which were bundled up by Microsoft and then sent to the carrier for further testing and delivery to end users handsets.

This is indeed good news for anyone on Windows Phone 8 or higher handsets as there are plenty of folks who never saw updates to their inaugural Windows Phone handsets and now it appears the OS developer is pushing the updates now.

Source: WP Central – AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 OS update begins tomorrow, Dec 19th