When the specs for Windows Phone 8 came out and the hardware received a significant bump I think we knew that among the performance improvements we would see on the handset for different activities the gaming options would improve significantly.

With that in mind we are seeing games come out for the platform that push those capabilities beyond what we are used to seeing on a smartphone handset.

One of the companies working with Nokia to bring high quality interactive gaming to the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 phones is Electronic Arts.  On a blog post today at Nokia Conversations Boc Ly chats with Glen Roland the Vice President at EA for new platforms and OEM’s.

You can read the entire interview at the source below but here are a few tidbits that caught my attention:

  • When asked about the relationship with Nokia – We believe that Nokia gives us access to those markets that aren’t necessarily a big focal point for others.
  • When asked about how important the Windows Phone platform is for EA – This is incredibly important to us. Our vision for our users is anytime, anywhere. When you look at what Microsoft and Nokia are doing together in the Windows Phone 8 space it is really compelling because of its cross-platform functionality.
  • When asked about the difference release of Windows Phone 8 has made for them – It also gives us the ability to get to Windows 8 on desktops significantly faster. You’re about 80-85% on the way there to delivering a Windows 8 game from a Windows Phone 8 game.

Some of the games he mentions that are coming to Windows Phone down the road are Zuma’s Revenge and Flight Control Rocket.

Of course, EA already has several titles on Windows Phone including Monopoly, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, The Sims 3, Mirror’s Edge and others.

Another big name making a serious commitment to Windows Phone.

Don’t look now but the flow is speeding up.

Source: Nokia Conversations – Interview: EA games anytime, anywhere on your Nokia Lumia