Or maybe we just received some of the best changelog notes that I have ever seen on these apps for the first time. Either way five of the included apps on Windows 8 from Microsoft and Bing received updates overnight.

Here are the summaries of the update notes form each app that got updated:


  • New destination content from Lonely Planet
  • Points of interest reviews and ratings from TripAdvisor
  • Saved flight and hotel searches for easy access
  • Faster display of flight and hotel search results
  • Easier filtering of flight results for departure and arrival times
  • Enhancements to destination weather and currency information, with linking to Weather and Finance apps


  • New Soccer Leagues
    • UK League 1
    • UK League 2
    • Bundesliga 2
    • FR Ligue 2
    • Dutch Eredivisie
    • Argentina Primera División
    • Portugal Primeira League
    • Australian A league
  • Content from additional partners


  • Improved navigation
  • Content from additional partners
  • Featured partner content
  • Additional exchanges enabled
  • Videos
  • Improved network connectivity


  • 10 days of detailed weather forecasts hour by hour
  • Updates to historical weather information
  • Additional information including sunrise/sunset
  • New weather background images


  • Content from additional partners
  • Featured partner content
  • Improved support for mouse/keyboard for article viewing
  • Support for regional sources

All of the apps also received performance enhancements plus each contain a caveat at the bottom of the update list to indicate that some features and enhancements may not be available in all markets.

Source; Windows Store