Welcome to Episode 71 and a warm welcome to all of the Winsyde readers and visitors.

As I posted last week, Brad Sams and I arrived at an agreement for me to take over the Winsyde.com domain name as he moves back to NeoWin. It is good to have all of you all join us and our more than 17 years of being online bringing tech news of all sorts.

In the show we cover a list of recent news items including the upcoming budget Nokia Lumia 620; Microsoft swiping some tablet market share from Android and iPad in the next few years; AlphaJax arriving for Windows Phone; Xbox 360’s continued dominance of the US market; Navy fending off 110K cyber attacks per hour; apps to get you organized and moving through the holidays; Redbox streaming being delayed again; Amazon announces Kindle FreeTime for kids; touch screen computing on laptops/netbooks makes sense; WiFi security mistakes many people make; Google+ introduces Communities; how Windows 8 changes the way we search; YouTube coming to Virgin American flights; a Windows 8 engineers eight favorite Windows 8 features; find your Android and iOS apps on Windows Phone with App Switch; Microsoft will make Surface devices more widely available; Instagram and Twitter bickering; guest appearance on The Married Gamers podcast; we still have to deal with preinstalled software on OEM machines in Windows 8; why bringing the Start Menu back to Windows 8 is bad news; personalized update notifications from Nokia for your phone; CompUSA and CircuitCity brands disappear on 31 Dec; access SkyDrive via Windows Explorer on Surface RT; easily upload photos to Facebook from Windows 8 with Fu; Earth at Night 2012 theme released; Microsoft and Apple battling over $$$ which is preventing critical updates to apps on iOS and the release of a SkyDrive App on the Xbox 360.

Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening!

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