I say actually in the title of this story because in recent days the reports were that Microsoft was cutting production because of lack luster sales of the Surface RT. Apparently that is not the case and Microsoft has also confirmed that they are expanding the retail channels where Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro can be purchased.

You can read the source for Microsoft’s news release published earlier today but I would rather tell the story through the tweets of Panos Panay the General Manager of Microsoft Surface.

After participating in the weekly Windows Chat via Twitter (#WinChat) he shared a couple of tweets around the same time this news release hit the web.

[tweet https://twitter.com/panos_panay/status/278605106612690944]

[tweet https://twitter.com/panos_panay/status/278605432409423872]

[tweet https://twitter.com/panos_panay/status/278605932236259328]

[tweet https://twitter.com/panos_panay/status/278606456935301120]

It is great to see that things are not always what they seem or what gets reported by analysts. Of course, Microsoft can not just be saying they are ramping production up because of demand otherwise some folks at the SEC might get upset about them giving false statements to potential shareholders and stock purchasers.

I am looking forward to seeing some sales numbers now and see just exactly how well Surface RT is doing.

As for the expansion of the retail channels there is nothing showing up at the Staples website as of right now but Best Buy already has Surface RT up and ready for sale.


So will you be heading out to check out Surface now that it is at more retail locations?

Source: Microsoft – Production, Distribution Expand for Surface