Update: According to the fine print at the bottom of this video at about the 1:00 minute mark an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to use the Xbox 360 SkyDrive app.

All of the pictures and videos that you have stored in SkyDrive cloud storage now have one more screen they can be viewed on and that is your Xbox 360 as the Microsoft ecosystem grows even more.

Mike Torres, the Group Program Manager for SkyDrive apps, shares the main features of the upcoming SkyDrive App for Xbox 360:

When we thought about all of the possibilities of introducing SkyDrive to the Xbox 360 environment, there were lots of features we could have tied together but we wanted to focus on the scenarios that people have told us they would find most valuable. So in building a SkyDrive experience for the living room, we’ve spent our time on making these three primary scenarios feel great:

  1. Shared photos & videos. Share a meaningful event with your friends or family by viewing photos & videos on your TV, or view photos & videos others have shared with you through SkyDrive. Imagine being able to view cherished photos and videos shared by friends and family —like a musical performance, a kid’s birthday, or baby’s first steps—on your TV.
  2. Snap and see. For Windows Phone users, snap a picture and see it appear almost immediately in your camera roll on the big screen. This feels like magic! For example, you could take a quick snapshot of your child making a funny face, fire up the SkyDrive app on your Xbox, and view it right away on your 50” screen. Just make sure you’re using the same Microsoft account sign-in for both Xbox LIVE and your Windows Phone.
  3. Party slide show. Plan a great slide show to play in the background of a dinner party. For example, you could start a slide show of a recent trip for friends, or have holiday-themed photos and videos playing during a holiday party.

Plus, the SkyDrive app for Xbox supports Kinect voice controls and gestures as well as remote and controller input. Yes, this means you can view a slide show of your SkyDrive photos just by talking to your Xbox… which is very, very cool.

No surprise that there is Kinect integration with this experience as that is becoming quite the norm for most experiences on the Xbox 360 console.

Based on what I have read on both sites concerning this update I do not see any indication that you must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use the SkyDrive app and the app will be available in all Xbox Live regions.

The download should be available around 10 AM PST (1 PM EST). Here is the date and time conversion for everyone.

By the way, the Xbox 360 SkyDrive App is not the only new app coming out for the console. Check out Major Nelson’s site for the entire list of 40 apps that will be hitting the console in various regions over the next few months.

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