Over one million people took advantage of the fact that a Space Shuttle was rolling through the streets of Los Angeles, California last weekend to catch their own close up glimpse of America’s Space Program. It does this space fan’s heart good to know so many people wanted to see this magnificent machine.

Did you hear the stat that crime was down across LA during Endeavour’s move?

The retired shuttle was making a 12 mile trip between LAX and the California Science Center where she will be permanently displayed to inspire generations to come.

As you might imagine there were a lot of cameras along with way and amongst those lenses were the folks from NASA’s official photography office.  I have browsed through their official photos, which you can see as well at their flickr feed, to pick out those that would make a fun desktop theme for your computer.

Below you will see the images I have selected for this theme and also download links for it that cover Windows 7, Windows 8 and a package of wallpapers that can be used on any computer.

Many thanks to NASA who place all of their official photography into the public domain which allows me to put together a theme like this to share such a historic event.


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8089441668_5f604c36bb_k 8089439025_8f2723394c_k

Space Shuttle Endeavour LA Move (Wallpapers)

Space Shuttle Endeavour LA Move (Windows 7 Themepack)

Space Shuttle Endeavour LA Move (Windows 8 DeskThemepack)