The folks at, a social media service that connects your blog to Twitter and Facebook, came out yesterday with an email and a blog post for users announcing upcoming premium accounts for their service.

They attribute the decision for these premium accounts to the tremendous growth they have experienced over the past year.  I have been using them for some time now as I had gotten very fed up with the inconsistencies from Twitter Feeder.  I am only aware of a couple of instances that has not been available so the service, in my opinion, has been very solid.

According to the blog post there will be three tiers of service offered for these premium accounts:


  • 5 Feeds / 3 Social Profiles
  • 30 minute feed updates
  • Basic Filters + Editing
  • Stacks – 1 scheduled route
  • Support forums
  • Free


  • 50 feeds / 15 Social Profiles
  • 15 minute feed updates
  • Advanced Filters + Editing
  • $30 Promoted Stories Credit
  • Email support
  • $9.99 / month


  • Unlimited feeds / social profiles
  • 5 minute feed updates
  • Advanced Filters + Editing
  • Stacks – 3 scheduled routes
  • $100 Promoted Stories Credit
  • Priority support
  • $19.99 / month

If you are currently using the service there is some good news as far as what you are currently using as there is a grandfathering for current accounts:

For all of our existing accounts, we will be grandfathering in all current feeds and social profiles — indefinitely.
This means our existing customers will continue with the current feeds and social profiles in their accounts free of change and with no interruption in content delivery — no matter the number of feeds or social profiles in your account.

I am very glad to hear this but one point I am not very clear on is do I also get grandfathered for my 15 minute update window as well. I have reached out to those folks on Twitter and will update this post once they give me any info.

Update: The support account on Twitter confirmed that current users who do not upgrade to a premium account will still retain their update timing window. FTW!

The changes to free accounts will take place/go into effect on 01 November 2012.