So far we have been able to find out through the comments of Nokia employees on the Nokia Conversations blog post about the Nokia Lumia 900 data bug and $100 credit that AmazonWireless customers and even those who purchased the phone at no-commitment pricing will receive the $100 credit.  The key element of that credit however is their service must be with AT&T.

Our neighbors to the North in Canada are also able to purchase the Nokia Lumia 900 handset this week from their cellular carrier Rogers. Some of those customers have commented at the Nokia Conversations blog about to ask whether they are also eligible for the $100 credit like we are here in the US.

Well JohnatNokia, apparently a Nokia employee, responded to one of those comments in the last hour or so and the news is still up in the air for Canadian Rogers customers.


I imagine this credit would make a lot of sense. I am sure there are many Rogers customers North of the border waiting to hear about this to be 100% sure if they will receive the credit.

It has been very impressive watching Nokia answering the comments on that post to stay on top of customers concerns.  A real indication of their desire to make this right.