The comments at the Nokia Conversations blog post about the Nokia Lumia 900 data bug and $100 credit continue to yield little tidbits of information and I have one more item to share with you.

According to JohnatNokia and a reply he made to someone in those comments about multiple phones under the same account, such as a family account which can have multiple lines, each and every Nokia Lumia 900 already purchased or that will be purchased before 21 April 2012 will get a separate $100 credit on their AT&T bill.


So that means for instance that two Nokia Lumia 900’s equals a $200 credit.  Of course you can also do the higher math if necessary.

I tell you what Nokia is definitely going all out to make this right across the board.  I think any fence sitters will definitely be pushed over to the Nokia Lumia 900 side if they were unsure before about the phone and upgrade before this remarkable offer.