This past Friday the pre-orders began for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone from AT&T and other retailers such as and Walmart are also selling it.  There are plenty of deals to be had but sales numbers are hard to come by.

However, Amazon always has lists and rankings on how various items do at their site and wireless phones are no different.

As of this morning the Nokia Lumia 900, on both the cyan and black models, are showing up on some of those lists at the online retailer.

The first one here is the Amazon Movers and Shakers list which shows both handsets at #1 and #2.  The cyan model started out at 1,268th and is now 335th in sales and the black handset started out at 1,053rd and is ranked at 325 in sales. 


Another list these much anticipated Windows Phone handsets are showing up on at Amazon is the Amazon Hot New Releases listing which shows the black model ranked 3rd in sales and the cyan model right behind it at 4th.


It is exciting to see the handset doing so well in these first few days of pre-orders and I really am looking forward to seeing what AT&T has to say about their initial pre-order sales as well.