I am sure everyone heard about Twitter’s recent issue with Blue TweetDeck which resulted in them shutting it down for users over a 12-16 hour period this past weekend.  The reason it was shut down is because a user down under was able to access 100’s of Twitter and Facebook accounts that were not his.  According to Twitter this was a bug which did not let someone pick the accounts they wanted to access but presented a random collection of accounts which someone could post to.

So if you were a Blue TweetDeck user you lost the ability to have your twitter interface tool for a short period of time.  I am sure many went to other third party programs, used a mobile app or maybe even the web interface. 

Did you know though that there is a group of folks out there on the Internet who still use Yellow TweetDeck? Yellow TweetDeck refers to the original TweetDeck, with the latest/last version being v0.38.2, which ran on Adobe AIR.  This is the version of TweetDeck we all knew prior to Twitter purchasing the developer and software.

Later on Twitter released the Blue TweetDeck which honestly was a step backwards from Yellow TweetDeck.  So much so that many folks out there have kept Yellow TweetDeck alive and available.

If you would like to run Yellow TweetDeck yourself it is quite easy.

First you need to download Adobe AIR.

After that is installed head over to to grab the TweetDeck v0.38.2 download.

You can now set up your Twitter accounts in Yellow TweetDeck and continue to Tweet away!