The most emailed question I get everyday from visitors to this site is how to revert the Facebook Timeline back to normal.  These emails come in after people tried out the new Facebook Timeline during the opt in period and decided they did not like it.  They are usually visiting two of our past posts, Facebook Timeline Is Here To Stay and Return Your Facebook Timeline to Normal,  on how to get rid of the Featured Stories aspect that came out a few months ago.

The big confusion was that the Featured Stories, where Facebook would decide which of your friends posts were newsworthy, was also called the Timeline prematurely.  Although the instructions in the Facebook Timeline Is Here To Stay will help sort out your friends posts and updates it will not revert your Facebook Timeline back once you make the leap to the new Facebook Timeline.

Up until today the new timeline was only available to a small percentage of Facebook users who had chosen to opt in to convert over to the new layout.  The first seven days were in place to give you time to edit and clean up your timeline in case you wanted to hide something from public view.  Once those seven days passed your new view of the timeline was live and visible to all your friends and with no turning back.

Well today over at the Facebook Blog they updated their initial Facebook Timeline post from 15 December 2011 and let the world know that the new Facebook Timeline is now available to all users worldwide.

Over the next few weeks, everyone will get timeline. When you get timeline, you’ll have 7 days to preview what’s there now. This gives you a chance to add or hide whatever you want before anyone else see’s it.

You can see what this new timeline is all about by visiting the Introducing Timeline page.  Interesting that down at the bottom of that page they highlight how many of your friends have already made the move to the new timeline. 

If you would rather not wait for Facebook to offer you the new timeline just visit that Introducing Timeline page and click Get Timeline to start the conversion. 

Resistance Is Futile – eventually everyone will have the new timeline.  You do get to choose to either do it with some control or just let it happen.

I recommend you choose for control.