Vimeo, a social media website for filmmakers and video creators to share their work, has just announced a website redesign on their staff blog – Say Hello to the New Vimeo.

According to the blog post this is the culmination of a year long effort to redesign the site from scratch with three goals in mind:

Big Goal #1: Put a greater focus on your videos
From day one of our existence, Vimeo has been committed to making your videos look as good as possible. And so the new Vimeo shines an even brighter spotlight on the videos you upload. We started by reimagining the video page, and designed the entire user experience around it to minimize distractions and put the focus where it belongs — on your videos.

Big Goal #2: Make Vimeo easier, faster, and more fun to use
In addition to increasing the visual splendiferousness of your videos, we enhanced just about every aspect of the Vimeo experience. We simplified. We optimized. We organized. We spiffed and speeded things up. We packed it with features that help you share, connect, and learn. We made sure it reminds you that taking video should be a blast and a half. Heck, even two blasts.

Big Goal #3: Give you the features you want
Every day we get great ideas about how to improve Vimeo from our incredible community, i.e., you. And the new Vimeo was a chance to take your suggestions, sprinkle unicorn dust on them, and turn them into realities. We’ve incorporated lots of your ideas, from minor tweaks to massive features, to the point that we’re making all of you honorary Senior Vice Presidents of Brilliant Concepts at Vimeo. The check is in the mail.

You can see the new Vimeo by visiting which will take you to an introduction video and a list of all the enhancements that are made with the new design. If you’re a Vimeo member you can sign up there to try out the new features.

Open Your Eyes to the New Vimeo from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.