Welcome to Episode 35 of the Observed Tech PODCAST and the year 2012! This is our first episode for the new year and we appreciate all of your support in 2011 when you downloaded the PODCAST over 5,000 times.

In this show we discuss Tech Podcast Networks CES 2012 coverage which will be live streamed here at WindowsObserver.com; how your digital signature impacts your job hunt; IE improvements on Windows 7 but overall decline continues; wish list for Windows Phone in 2012; NASA’s Grail spacecraft enter lunar orbit; Xbox Live online safety controls; trying to spend a $1,000,000 bill; Facebooking a stolen ring; getting sued for your Twitter followers; Facebook says farewell to Internet Explorer 7; Verizon decides against $2 fee; using your bottom for ID; Arfa – world’s youngest MCP not doing well; If This Then That service; Windows Phone Marketplace passes 50,000 apps; Windows Phone SMS bug being fixed; 300 million mobile Facebook users; community wireless Internet project; spam at lowest level in three years; New York Times spams its own readers; cyber security is important to small businesses; businesses charging $100 to set-up your new PC; backup and restore coming to Windows Phone soon and Microsoft does not call you to fix your PC – it is a scam.

As usual we wrap up with a look at the past week on WindowsObserver.com

Links to all the stories and sources are in the show notes below.

Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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Date Produced: 03 January 2012

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