Major Nelson just announced on his blog that the sign ups have begun for the Fall 2011 Dashboard Preview Program.

At E3 we announced the new Xbox LIVE dashboard which will deliver intuitive navigation, increased responsiveness and improved engagement with Xbox experiences – all beginning this holiday. Now that our work on the dashboard is almost complete, we are announcing an open call for all Xbox LIVE members to register to participate in a preview program to help us test the system. This is an important program as we continually strive to ensure the reliability of a service that reaches tens of millions globally. We could not do so without the ongoing help of our great community.

Once this program is kicked off, an update will be pushed to your console that will contain select dashboard features, including:

  • New design with integrated Kinect voice and gesture controls
  • Beacons
  • Facebook Sharing
  • Cloud Storage for Game Saves and Xbox LIVE Profile

His site is getting hammered pretty good right now with people accessing the links, which just happen to be in the above quote, that will take them to the survey page at Microsoft Connect.

He did say in a tweet that there is a lot of room in the preview program.

So are you signing up? My answer is YES of course!