I am starting to see a pretty regular stream of users on Twitter complaining that the iOS5 update on their devices is failing and some are being restored to factory settings.  Some have even had to restore their data from backups – that is if they had them.

According to comments on Twitter, Apple tech support suspects it to be a server overload issue and recommended that everyone just keep trying.

There is also a trending topic, Worldwide and in the US, on Twitter called Error 3200 which appears to also be hindering users updates to iOS5 as the servers are quite busy as the above issue indicated.  According to most Twitter users they are just continuing to press for the update from with iTunes until the error clears.  Some indications are that it is taking as many as 20 attempts to get the update started.

I feel for everyone having issues with the update as I imagine a lot of folks are trying to download the updated iOS5 to their devices and there are a lot of those devices out there for sure.  I certainly would not want to lose all my data and settings during an update either.

So in the last two weeks Microsoft and Apple have both pushed a mobile update for their devices out to users and I have to say that Microsoft, at least initially, appears to have gotten it right.  Many complained that the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango was not pushed to 100% of users from the start but I imagine Microsoft did not want a server overload condition such as Apple users are experiencing right now.

User experience during an update is critical – just ask Windows Phone users who went through the NoDo update process several months ago.

Good luck to everyone on getting their update accomplished.