One of the things I use my Twitter account for (@WinObs) is to tweet tech links throughout the day from my Google Reader collection of feeds.  I refer to them as Tweeted Links and post a summary of 50 of them each day here at

I choose to use Tweetdeck for my Twitter interaction which gives me all the options I am looking for.  However, there is one area Tweetdeck is lacking in if you want to keep an eye on what is going out from your account – no built in ability to follow your Sent Tweets. 

Tweetdeck has what it calls Core elements of Twitter you can have in a column but the Sent Items is missing from the group:


Now, Tweetdeck does have the ability to show you any lists you have created on Twitter and it is that functionality that I have used to see what is going out from my account.

First you have to create a list on Twitter and luckily we do not need to leave Tweetdeck to do this. Click on the Add Column button (silver circle with a plus sign in it) and get the Add Column dialog. Once there click on Groups/Lists and then New. Give your new list a name – Sent Items – works very well. Put a description if you want and it can be either a private or public list. Now click on Add List Members for the next dialog.  By the way, if for some reason you get an API error as you try to create the new list it is likely related to you already using your full compliment of lists (20). You will need to remove a list to continue.


Here is the dialog you get after you create your mailing list – this is where you add members, yourself in this case, to your lists.


In the filter box just type in your Twitter account ID as I did and add your account to the list on the right and then click Save List. You will get a chance to tweet about your new lists if you want – not sure why you would as this is for personal use – and at the bottom you can add the column to your Tweetdeck as you close the dialog.


Here is what that column looks like on my system:


Now you can keep an eye on things as they go out and make sure what you expect to be there is there.