Thanks to a tweet from @tomwarren for the link to the newest Hotmail update –

As I clicked the link and started to log into this update I was presented a couple of screens directly related to one of the features Tom brings up in his extensive post on the new Hotmail and that is the possibility to use the secure HTTPS protocol to use Hotmail for increased security.

The first screen asked me if I wanted to use the new security feature:


No problem I want to be more secure so I selected to use the HTTPS setting.

The next screen stopped me in my tracks:


I use the Outlook Hotmail Connector so that rules out the automatic use of the HTTPS security feature.  As you can see it also will impact Windows Live Mail, Windows Live application for Windows Mobile and Nokia, and MSN Explorer.

Looks like we need an update to the Outlook Hotmail Connector.

By the way, you can turn on the HTTPS setting as needed but you will need to first log into your Hotmail account and go to the options under Managing Your Account>Account Details and set the security option up.