After a successful first week in distributing the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update to Windows Phone Users around the world Microsoft has decided to get ahead of things by pushing the update to 50% of all eligible Windows Phone handsets.

According to a post on the Windows Phone Blog earlier today by Eric Hautala the decision to push the update to more users was an easy one to make based on the data:

Within the first hours of making it available, we saw successful updates in every country, on every carrier, and for nearly every Windows Phone model.

On behalf of the engineering team, I want pass on a big thank you for updating your phones so quickly, since it helps us gather the data we need to make decisions more rapidly.

He also took the time to provide an answer to those users who are not seeing the update yet – just exactly how is the decision made as to who gets the update and when.

I know some of you have questions about how Windows Phones are selected to receive the update. Put simply, it’s done totally at random, with absolutely no preference for carrier, model, or country. Random sampling is an important engineering technique to accurately measure quality and pinpoint issues early.

Of course a big chunk of the updates that were performed last week were most likely using this method and it seemed like that was fairly successful as well so it likely helped the stats as well which in turn resulted in the acceleration of the roll out plans today.

Are you updated to Mango yet? What do you think of it?

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