When I first got my Windows Phone 7 I posted about a process to get images to your phone that could be your lock screen wallpaper and I also posted about at least one app I had on my phone that provides backgrounds for your phone.

Well being an astronomy geek I have always enjoyed the daily picture that appears on the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day website.

Back in November Brian Kassay, a Windows Phone 7 developer, published a free Windows Phone 7 app that grabs the last few APOD images for you to peruse on your Windows Phone 7 handset.

apodviewerimagelisting apodviewerimagepage

If you notice on the displayed picture there is a disk icon indicating that you can save that picture to your Windows Phone in the Pictures Hub.

Once it is saved on your handset you can use it to become your lock screen background.

So although it may not have been intended to be an app to grab background pictures it certainly fits the bill and provides you a great collection of space related pictures to use.

Here is Brian’s full description of the app:

Discover the cosmos! APOD Viewer is your daily Astronomy Picture of the Day viewer and picture saver. APOD is a website at http://apod.nasa.gov/ which each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. APOD Viewer allows you to quickly view and save the images to your phone for later use as backgrounds, wallpaper, or just to view later.


· Shows an updated list of the latest photos from APOD.

· Allows viewing of the detailed image.

· Option to save the image.

· Link to view the images original web page with its full description.

· Quickly share the APOD image’s link via SMS or Email.

· Settings to save the image automatically on view.

Check out the APOD App on WP7applist.com.