In a story very similar to their earlier Top Stories of 2010 the Microsoft News Center has posted their News of Note stories for 2010.

Here are my favorites from that listing:

Natural User Interfaces: Voice, Touch and Beyond

Jan. 6 – Article and video: Project Natal (now Kinect for Xbox 360) and other natural user interface products are helping usher in a new generation of human-computer interaction.

Computing, Naturally

March 2 – Article and video: Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie shares his vision of how technologies are converging to transform how humans and computers work together.

Technology Showcase Tour Video

July 29 – Video: Microsoft’s Ryan Asdourian takes you through a showcase featuring Windows Phone 7, Bing, Windows Live, Kinect for Xbox 360, WorldWide Telescope and various types and sizes of Windows 7 PCs.

Microsoft Employees Quick to Help in Haiti

Jan. 18 – Article: Microsoft employees contribute to a worldwide relief effort, both at the scene and remotely through technology assistance and cash donations.

Accessibility Options in Windows 7 and Office 2010 Make It Easier for Everyone to See, Hear and Use Computers

Oct. 21 – Article: Accessible technology, designed to help people with disabilities, enables aging workers and others to personalize and improve their computing experience.

Ben the PC Guy: Part Inspector Gadget, Part Rambo

July 15 – Article: Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph, a self-proclaimed gadget geek who is becoming better known as “Ben the PC Guy” on the Web and on television, wants to help match people with their dream machine.

You can read all of the articles at the Microsoft News Center.