It has been known for a week or so that Ray Ozzie will be leaving Microsoft but that departure will not come without Ray leaving his thoughts on the future of Microsoft and where they should be looking for the next innovations for the software company.

The memo everyone has been discussing is not meant for quick reading as it is over 3,400 words.  However, Steve Clayton (Geek in Disguise), put Wordle to use to get a graphical representation of the memo and I think it is quite enlightening to see what dominates Ray’s memo.


If you had never read his memo and you see this picture of those 3,428 words you would get the idea that the future is about devices and services.  For a software company that is going to be a big shift but they are already making some of those with all their efforts in the cloud and to connect consumers and businesses to it with services like Office365 and Windows Live.

I guess only time will tell.