We will finally get a chance to sample the game that we have been watching videos of all summer long.

From the Need For Speed site:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit‘s demo arrives on the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Network for two weeks starting October 26th, giving you early access to Criterion Games’ latest high-octane action racer, which Games Radar says, "could redefine online racing forever". When you download the demo, you’ll also receive 500 bounty points to put toward advancing your Cop and Racer careers when Hot Pursuit hits stores on November 16th.

In the demo, you’ll get a chance to try the revolutionary Need for Speed Autolog system, an in-game social network which tracks your performance against your friends. Speaking of which, adding one of your friends to your Autolog friends list will unlock a new event in the demo called Roadsters Reborn. There is also a Cop event where you’ll tear up the tarmac on Seacrest County’s majestic mountains, trying to bust as many Racers as you can. So start the countdown because Hot Pursuit‘s demo is less than 24 hours away.

So pay close attention to that second paragraph so you can get the extra features unlocked on the demo.

Enjoy – just three weeks until the release on 16 November 2010.