After visiting our neighbor to the North yesterday, Canada, we will head South for today’s stop on the world tour and visit the country of Mexico thanks to the UK Windows Personalization Gallery.

La piramide de Kukulkan vista desde el templo de los guerreros de Chichen-Itza (The Pyramid of Kukulcan seen from the Temple of the Warriors at Chichen-Itza) El Arco al atardecer, Cabo San Lucas (El Arco at Sunset, Cabo San Lucas) Murallas y arcos pintados en el museo que alguna vez fue el Convento de Tepoztlan (Painted walls and arches in the museum that was once the Convent of Tepoztlan)
Playa Akumal, Yucatán Cardon Cactus en el arroyo seco (Cardon cactus in dry arroyo) Ruinas in el patio mayor del templo de la mariposa, Teotihuacan (Carvings in the Courtyard of the Butterfly Temple, Teotihuacan)

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