That is a lot of lower case i’s in that title!

The United States Navy knows that the next generation of Sailors it will recruit are going to be savvy with technology.  I can speak from experience that these young Americans are way smarter on this stuff than we were back when I came in the Navy 28 years ago.

So it makes total sense that the Navy would embrace technologies like social media, podcasts and apps to connect with these prospective recruits.

Well this week the US Navy released their America’s Navy app for the iPhone and iPod. 

The application will bring a host of information about the Navy, including job descriptions, career information, videos, photos and the latest news from

"This is meant to provide Navy’s multiple and varied audiences the opportunity to learn more about, and engage with the U.S. Navy in an informative and entertaining, not to mention convenient, manner," said Gimmestad. "Not only can someone look up information about the Navy, but they can even locate a recruiter in their area as well."

"NRC, along with our independent advertising agency, Campbell E-Wald, developed and launched the application through a variety of social media sites, including Facebook,, the ‘Navy for Moms’ website and Twitter," explained Gimmestad. "We’ll be able to enhance our capabilities to effectively communicate with a technologically savvy population."

If your interested in a personal perspective about serving in the US Navy then contact me because I would be happy to share my experience with you.

Download the America’s Navy app from iTunes.