Good news if you live in Australia.  According to, Microsoft and Foxtel have signed an agreement to bring streaming television to Xbox Live in Australia. The service will be available in current Foxtel service areas and will provide access to “at least 30 live channels and a wide suite of Video on Demand services.”

Foxtel Chief Executive and Managing Director, Kim Williams AM said, “This is a very exciting new frontier. Foxtel by Xbox LIVE will provide our 1.6 million subscribing households, as well as new customers, a transformative way of receiving and enjoying Foxtel over the internet. We will offer Foxtel by Xbox LIVE with various packages and prices and under flexible agreements. It is an exciting new way of exploring Foxtel’s universe of content for a new generation of customers.”

Microsoft also recently struck deals in France and the UK to offer streaming services.  It’s exciting to see other parts of the world getting streaming type services.  Netflix has been streaming on Xbox Live since 2008.  Because of copyright restrictions, etc Netfix has been exclusive to North America.