The folks at Tweetdeck have updated their popular Twitter application to version 0.34.1 and it has added quite a few new features. This post is focusing on just one of those new tools and that is the ability to schedule an update – or as it is commonly referred to – a tweet.

If you have not already installed the latest version then head over to – – I will wait for you here.

Now that your up dated look for this little clock icon on the right hand side of the update box (default location of this box is at the top of your Tweetdeck window – it can also be moved to below the updates.


Click on that clock icon and you will get this pop up in the middle of the update box:


Here you set the date and time you want your update scheduled. Once you have it set just click the Set Time button.

Now your Send button on the right hand side of your update box shows you this:


Go ahead and fill in the text you want to be updated at the future date and time you selected and then press the Send button.

Tweetdeck will then insert a new column onto your Tweetdeck desktop named Scheduled Updates and it will show you that update you just scheduled and created.


When it publish time comes around it will be sent to your Twitter stream and be removed from the Scheduled Updates column.

Your scheduled updates will even get posted while Tweetdeck is shutdown – at least it just worked in my test :-)

I think this is a terrific feature to be added to what is one of the most popular Twitter interfaces out there.  I wonder how this will impact some of those web based services that are out there charging people to schedule updates?

Hmmmm. What do you think? Will you schedule more tweets now that it is more readily available?