Seesmic has released the next preview version of their Silverlight based desktop Twitter client and they want you to try it out.

We’re happy to launch, at Google I/O, the preview version of Seesmic Desktop 2, a complete re-design of the already popular social management desktop application. Based on Silverlight 4’s powerful development platform, this application – for both Mac OS and Windows – supports a plugin environment which lets you to customize the client to fit your needs.

Some of the highlights from the announcement email:

Plugin architecture to customize your needs

Within the new platform, every feature, tool and social service (including Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz) can be integrated as a "plugin" within the application, in an attempt to open the platform to allow for complete social support.

This preview version comes pre-installed with some basic features such as multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook, but also comes with innovative services such as Google Buzz and Socialwok, a social networking application that integrates with Google Apps. 

Look for other plugins to become available very soon in our next version. If you’re interested in building a plugin, join us now at and come join our mailing list to chat with other developers: . We’ll be looking to plan dev meetups in the future, so stay tuned!

Smooth User Interface and Customized Backgrounds

Taking the best interface features from our previous versions of Seesmic Desktop, SD2 provides a smooth, fluid and light experience.  Extend the capabilities by customizing your background with the color of your choice, or use the unique backgrounds provided from Red Bull. Look for more in our next version!


Directory and Channels

Taking the popular features of our mainstream desktop in Seesmic Look, we’ve carried the directory and channels into Seesmic Desktop.  The Directory provides a simple and easy way to navigate Twitter through an organized list of several popular Twitter accounts in categories like News, Sports, Politics and Celebrities.

Channels provides a simple, authoritative, aggregated view of a brand’s activity across Twitter making it easy for any user to discover and navigate the breadth of activity the brand has going on Twitter.


We’re extremely excited about this next generation of Seesmic Desktop, and we’re looking forward at expanding the capabilities with a plugin platform. Look for the number of options to grow very soon, as we have been working with a number of developers and partners who are building installable plugins that will enhance the way you manage your stream and online presence.

Google Buzz Integrated in Seesmic Web, Desktop and

We’re also very happy to share with you our integration of Google Buzz into four of our products. Seesmic has collaborated with Google, and you can now manage Google Buzz in Seesmic Web, and our preview version of the next generation of Seesmic Desktop. Here’s some of the highlights.

Seesmic Web

In Seesmic Web, a very light and fast social web application, you can access and manage your Google Buzz network and your online presence in your browser. Easily stay in touch and be connected with your Google Buzz and other social communities in one screen from any computer.

SWebBuzz is a free social networking service that now enables you to post to Google Buzz, as well as dozens of other social networks simultaneously.  Simply search and select Google Buzz when adding a network, and safely login using the official login process for Google Buzz. Once added, you can now post freely via Seesmic, email, chat or other services you can configure.


You can grab the download at