I wonder why this is suddenly happening?


As I was browsing Twitter via the web today I suddenly got this pop up asking me to confirm some profile info to help people find me on the site. My only concern is that they populate two optional boxes with your email address and phone number and have the boxes selected by default for them to be used to find you on the site.

Now granted – it does say the info will not be displayed publicly and in fact if you have a cell phone verified on your account they already had this info including your email anyway.  SO your not providing them info they did not already have.

However, people might see this windows pop up and just click the big blue button without thinking about it. If you prefer to not be found via your email address or cell phone number then you want to make sure you uncheck those boxes before hitting Big Blue Button there.

If your on Twitter though your likely on there to be found so this may not cause you any concern at all.  Who knows – I just get cautious when sudden pop up windows jump in and ask me for my info.

You know I just had a thought – with the right scripting and a bogus domain to do some phishing couldn’t this new feature be exploited to get personal info on people?

What do you think?