All of us computer geeks are the creative type and do all kinds of stuff that can amaze our non-geeky friends.  How would you like to add one skill to that list and it is as easy as being the geek you are and working at your PC?

Well check out IOGraphica and create your own master piece of Mouse Art.

Just grab their program called IOGraph, which was formerly known as MousePath, and run it on your system while you work.  The program is unobtrusive and sits on your taskbar while you mouse about. What it does is monitor your mouse movements and creates an image of everywhere you have been on your screen. The circles are points where your mouse stopped and the lines are its movement. The bigger the circle the longer the stop.

Here is what my first piece of mouse art looked like after about 45 minutes:

IOGraphica - 47.5 minutes (from 16-30 to 17-18)

And this is what it looked like after 1.4 hours:

IOGraphica - 1.4 hours (from 16-30 to 17-57)

I find it quite interesting to see how I move around the screen. I think that second one looks like a world map :-)

Enjoy your art exploration!