Several years ago Microsoft built a website that you could visit to adjust your font settings to make your text look good on LCD type monitors.

In Windows 7 this function is now covered by a Control Panel app and can be accessed by typing ClearType in the Start Menu search box.


Running this program will start the ClearType applet and get you started to improving the clarity of your onscreen fonts. Although it is intended to help out with LCD monitors it could be worthwhile to run this on your standard CDRT monitor – no harm in trying anyway.


This first screen is where you turn ClearType on and off. 


The first check the app does is to make sure your monitor is running in its native resolution.  This will go a long way in improving your screens readability.  I recommend you use this native resolution for the best results.

cleartypescreen3text1 cleartypescreen4text2
cleartypescreen5text3 cleartypescreen6text4

The next four screens will show you blocks of text and you need to click on the one that looks the best on your monitor.  You will see a blue square around your selection.


Once you are complete you get the final screen and you can click Finish to close the app.

I find tweaking the ClearType settings really clears up my monitors – how did it do for you?