After a much publicized delay authorized four months ago the Digital TV Transition has finally arrived.

Effective at 12:01 AM  last night the transition has started and according to the governments Digital TV site about 43% of TV stations have made the move to a digital broadcast as of the time of this posting (7AM Central European Time/1AM Eastern Standard Time).

One area that is highlighted at the DTV site is about Low Power Television Stations making the transition later:

Please note that the June 12, 2009 DTV transition deadline does not apply to low-power television (LPTV) stations. The FCC will determine a deadline for these stations to transition to digital at a future date. Learn more about LPTV.

One other recommendation they make is to scan channels throughout the day as different stations will move their channels over to digital at various times throughout the day on 12 June:

 NOTE: Many stations will be changing channels at various times during the day on June 12, 2009. Be sure to scan for channel changes as convenient on that day and particularly on June 13 after all stations have changed to their final DTV channels.

Another very informative area is the most popular FAQ’s at the DTV site which I have listed below for quick access and reference:

Top FAQs

So are you experiencing any problems with the DTV shift today?