I am not here to bash the SpyMaster game that has picked up on Twitter in the last several weeks.  What people do with their time is their business – no issues there for me. 

My issue is when I start to receive unsolicited Direct Messages (DM’s) from Spymaster players.  I don’t care whether I follow them or not – I did not opt in to play SpyMaster nor did I opt in for their direct message recruiting system.

So I started my search for a way to opt out of the DM’s from SpyMaster players and Twitter came to my rescue:



The full link @BetaChris gave me was http://playspymaster.com/optout and it has worked like a charm – no DM’s from SpyMaster players since I opted out.

It will require access to your Twitter account to make this happen but if your not interested in playing nor getting the DM’s then it is well worth it.

Even if you want to play later this does not prevent you from re-joining the game process.