WordPress 2.8 is live and available for either a manual download or an automatic upgrade through the WordPress Admin panel. You should see a banner indicating an upgrade is available at the top of the screen.  A simple click and then FTP credentials gets your upgrade underway.

I have managed to upgrade all four sites I run and not one of them had an issue.  It was as simple as clicking the upgrade banner in my WordPress Admin Panel and then provide my FTP credentials.  At this point everything happens behind the scenes of your web browser.

The upgrade package is downloaded and applied to your site.  I am sure there are a few more steps in there but all I saw was the download start and then the upgrade being completed.  Just the way I like it – nice and simple.  I know some hosts do not support the automatic upgrade but I highly recommend finding one that can support that feature because it is the best thing going.

There is one area in the new admin panel interface I am not happy with is the plugins page.  All of them are listed alphabetically now instead of grouped together as Activated and Deactivated.  It is something I can live with of course.

More exploration of the site is in order to see all the updates and changes.

For some terrific resources relating to WordPress and this specific release make sure you check out WebLogToolsCollection.com