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I’m sick to death of Windows 7
ZDNet Blogs – USA
I’ve royally had enough of “Windows 7 this” and “Windows 7 that”. It’s constantly in the news, it never goes away and I’m sick of hearing about people’s
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Microsoft Fan Urges Release of Windows 7
Windows & Net Magazine – Cleveland,OH,USA
Although many are speculating Microsoft will release Windows 7 in the late 2009 or early 2010 timeframe (our own Paul Thurrott suggests a Win7 release in
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Ultimate Windows Tweaker 1.1 adds more tweaks
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
For those using the Windows 7 beta, I recommend you don’t use this application until the author states that it is supported. While right now the application
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HP says its netbooks likely will run three versions of Windows 7
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
By Eric Lai February 9, 2009 (Computerworld) In a vote of confidence for Windows 7’s suitability for use on netbook PCs, Hewlett-Packard Co. says it likely
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Have you tried Windows 7 beta? What do you think?
New Zealand Herald – New Zealand
I have tried Windows 7 beta and agree with your assessment – it’s far snappier than Vista and it seems that Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making it
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Change Windows 7 Taskbar Hover Time
Windows 7 News – London,Lonodn,UK
One new feature of Windows 7 are thumbnail previews when hovering the mouse over a taskbar item. The default time before the thumbnail is displayed is 400
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Microsoft dumps Ultimate Extras from Windows 7
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
February 9, 2009 (Computerworld) Microsoft Corp. will not offer "Ultimate Extras" in Windows 7, the company has confirmed, saying it abandoned the heavily
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Windows 7 Starter Edition on a netbook … Non-Starter if you ask me!
ZDNet Blogs – USA
PC Pro is reporting that Microsoft’s decision to limit the number of concurrent applications that you can run on Windows 7 Starter Edition to three will
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Microsoft Backs Down, Will Patch Windows 7 UAC Security Flaw
MX Logic – Denver,CO,USA
Microsoft had said that this feature would not be changed prior to the next release of Windows 7, but in the face of public scrutiny has decided to back
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Windows 7 Editions Compared, With Table of Features
DailyTech – Chicago,IL,USA
All versions of Windows 7 include Internet Explorer 8 and DirectX 11, as well as improved multi-core processing. With improved boot times and overall system
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Tech-Ex: Microsoft to Dump "Ultimate Extras" for Windows 7
By Technology Expert
In a decision that’s bound to cause some chucking around the blogosphere, Microsoft has confirmed that although it’s going to have an Ultimate version of Windows 7, it will be ditching the much-derided "Ultimate Extras" it used as a
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WINDOWS 7 x 6 « Vistacert’s Blog
By vistacert
Who would buy a crippled version of Windows 7? I wouldn’t spend a dime for it. I blame uneducated consumers. I urge everybody to stop that craziness. For the majority of consumers, one version would be adequate.
Vistacert’s Blog –

TipAdept Dot Com » Ballmer: Upgrade To Windows 7 or Face Backlash
By Admin
That’s the difficult position that Microsoft finds itself in as it hastens to bring Windows 7 to market and stem further inroads by Apple’s Mac OS X and a menagerie of open-source variants on Linux.
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Microsoft Caves on Windows 7 Security Issue – News and Analysis by
Feb 6, 2009 Security people have been fighting like cats and dogs for the last week over a claimed vulnerability in Windows 7’s default configuration of