Thank you may I do another? 

I was so fired up last night after finishing my first ever appearance on a podcast that I was ready to go again! That really got the brain juices flowing.

OK – a little background.  A few weeks ago I was approached by someone I follow on Twitter – @rachelbaker – and was asked if I was interested in being a guest on a podcast she is on.  I was thrown back by the question and I am not sure why – guess because it was so unexpected.  It was my first invite to be on a podcast. 

I actually attempted a brief interlude of podcasting a couple of years ago – it was not pretty – at all.

So when I got asked to come on the show I accepted immediately – I hope my enthusiasm was not too obvious – I did not want to seem like a noob. :-)

So of course what happened – that first Thursday I was on travel out to Whidbey Island, Washington and could not get on the show.  The following week – another trip that kept it from happening.

Then yesterday came along – no conflicts – no issues – “I am ready for my close up Mr. Demille” Oh wait – this is a podcast not a vidcast.

Anyway – all kidding aside – I joined up with Cal and Rachel on Skype (another first – I had never used Skype before) and after spending some time getting to know each other we recorded about an hours worth of discussion on subjects ranging from Macbook delays and Windows 7 and its future.

I even had my chance to lay some smackdown and poke Cal about Apple vs Windows – all in good fun of course.

I used my most advanced gear to participate in this podcast.  The microphone was the one that is on my Logitech Quickcam STX webcam (very clear isn’t it) and my standard, one each, stereo headphones.

So without any more delay – head on over to the PC/MAC Smackdown website and check out episode 78 of the podcast. Cal and Rachel are awesome hosts and it was a great show if I do say so myself.

PC/MAC Smackdown Podcast #78

I will also be taking them up on their offer to join them in the future on the show. Thanks for the awesome experience you guys!