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Bad economy could slow enterprise adoption of Windows 7
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
Despite the economy, however, Windows 7 probably won’t be as disastrous an OS as Vista was in the business market, analysts and IT professionals said.
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Case in point: Back in 2007, I looked at Windows Vista Home Basic and determined that it could run well on an older machine with limited resources,
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Four patches in Microsoft’s February plans – UK
Neither Windows XP or Windows Vista are considered to be at risk from the flaws addressed in the patch. The third patch being released will address one or
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Windows Vista/XP / Shareware / 0 downloads
BetaNews – USA
Badaboom takes a fundamentally different approach to video format conversion from other solutions. Instead of performing format conversion on the CPU,
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Windows 7 to come in six different versions
FierceCIO – Washington,DC,USA
In spite of the less than lukewarm response that greeted the various versions of Windows Vista when it was released, Microsoft has decided to release
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The Broken Design of Microsoft’s “Fix it” Tool
Slashdot – USA
‘Surely, MS will use some scripting, HTTP User-Agent sniffing, or even Genuine Windows validation to verify that I am running Vista,’ I thought.
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A New Look at Windows Vista
CIO – Framingham,MA,USA
exercise – including a discussion on the benefits of Windows Vista, experiences of your peers, a first-hand account of Satyam’s own Vista deployment,
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Windows upgrade a hit in Hamilton – New Zealand
The commercial version of Windows 7 is described by Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer as “Windows Vista with clean-up in user interface [and]
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Enterprises finally take to Windows Vista – UK
Forrester said, “Despite considerable interest in Windows 7 – Windows Vista’s eventual successor, slated for release in early 2010 – Windows Vista is
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Microsoft Takes on UAC Security Issue in Windows 7 Beta
eWeek – New York, NY
According to DeVaan, Microsoft has added two additional options to UAC that were not available in Windows Vista – “Notify me only when programs try to make
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Threat Monitor: Are Windows Vista security features up to par
By cgibney
Security Wire Weekly – Information security news and interviews with information security experts and professionals.
Security Wire Weekly –
Microsoft debuts quick fix clicks – Windows Vista Forums
By News
Microsoft has started putting a ‘Fix It’ button on support pages so common PC problems can be solved with a click. Source: BBC News.
Windows Vista Forums –
Smockity Frocks: Windows Vista, Why Do You Torment Me?
By Smockity Frocks
Windows Vista, Why Do You Torment Me? All I want to do is check my email. Is that so very much to ask? It seems that you enjoy, neigh, find glee in making me click and double click and clickety clack. I can almost hear the wicked cackle
Smockity Frocks –
Bad Windows Vista » Blog Archive » Microsoft’s long, slow decline
By admin
You’ll find the latest proof of this at Net Applications’ January 2009 Web site usage numbers by operating system. There, you’ll see that Windows is continuing its slow fall from total desktop operating system domination.
Bad Windows Vista –
SAP is Taking Responsibility on Incompetent SAP Consultants
By Milo
The Eee PC 1000HE will be available in both Fine Ebony Black and Blue in North America. Estimated maximum battery life under Windows XP is measured with BatteryMark 4.0.1 (in Eee PC Super Hybrid Engine Power-Saving mode, 40% LCD brightness, Wi-Fi off, BT off, and camera disabled). Actual battery life may vary based on product settings, usage patterns and environmental conditions. About WebbyBlogs · Tip us: tips{@} · Windows Vista Laptops
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