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Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Support of Microsoft Windows … (Pressemitteilung) – Wien,Austria
Windows Vista provides a more secure computing environment for desktops and enterprise-wide laboratory operations. "As more companies deploy Microsoft Vista …
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Windows 7 to get parallel-processing tweaks
Microsoft officials have said on the record that deep-level changes between Windows Vista and Windows 7 will be kept to a minimum, in order to insure …
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So You’ve Decided to Skip Vista… – CA,USA
This, despite the fact that its successor, Windows Vista, has been out for almost two years. Microsoft released XP seven years ago this month, …
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Computer will run XP if it has 32-bit chips
Ottawa Citizen – Ontario, Canada
Q: It’s time to upgrade from my two-year-old computer, but I really don’t want to use Windows Vista on a new PC. Is it possible to have Windows XP installed …
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Technology tips that will make your life easier
Salt Lake Tribune – United States
By Rob Pegoraro If you run Microsoft’s most widely used e-mail programs – Outlook, Outlook Express or OE’s Windows Vista successor, Windows Mail – you can …
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New AutoLabel(TM) Imprinter Design Software Features Windows Vista …
FreshPlaza – Netherlands
"Compatibility with Windows Vista is an essential part of that effort." The software is available with either a USB key or a parallel key for authentication …
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New Must-Have Add-In for Windows Vista Media Center: clipShow
eHomeUpgrade (press release) – San Mateo,CA,USA
Want to make some $$$ writing about the technology you’re passionate about? Come write for us… By Alexander Grundner | September 29th, 2008 Comments (0) …
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Hands on: Nero’s LiquidTV, TiVo for your PC
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
The TiVo PC software is compatible with Windows XP and Vista (we’re using the latter), and it warned us about TV tuner-aware applications that could cause …
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100 reasons Linux beats Windows – Italy
Earlier this month I presented five reasons to upgrade from Windows Vista to Linux. Alex Zaharov-Reutt hit back with ten reasons to stick with Vista and …
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Microsoft shipping Vista add-ons.
Tom’s Hardware Guide – Culver City,CA,USA
For the first time in five months, Microsoft has released three new add-ons for Windows Vista Ultimate edition. Free downloadable add-ons were one of the …
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Use Screensavers As Vista Wallpapers
By Martin
Windows Vista Ultimate comes with the Dreamscene extra which can turn videos into background screensavers. Several other applications like VLC offer this options as well. A tip was posted over at Tech Recipes today that mentioned a …
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Adapting to Windows Vista’s Growing Pains
By John-Hiroshi(John-Hiroshi)
The amount of time between Windows XP and Windows Vista was HUGE, and never before has a Windows client OS felt the pains of such a long release cycle as Windows XP to Windows Vista. You may also find that a lot of your hardware that …
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The Windows Vista Power Button
All versions of Windows Vista includes the ability to change how the power button acts when it is clicked. With all previous versions of Windows the button acted as a gateway to other options like restart and shut down. … – –

Windows Vista Annoyances
By RapidshareEbook(Nikhil)
Windows Vista may be the next big thing, but it still contains enough quirks and unaccountable behaviors to vex anyone. This unique guide not only discusses the most irritating features of the latest Microsoft operating system and how …
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